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Are you ready to do your part to create a new paradigm of pregnancy, birth and parenting? Do you feel called to assist birthing individuals and their supporters physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually? We would love to welcome you into the Birth With Spirit Community!

How To Become a Birth With Spirit Doula

1) Register to begin your journey towards being a Certified BWS Doula here
2) Read the books on the Required Reading List here.

3) Register for a BWS Doula Certification Retreat here.

4) Within two years, complete the requirements in the Certification Packet.

5) Certify or re-certify in Infant CPR and First Aid.​​

Benefits of Becoming a Birth With Spirit Doula

1) Your life will become more connected and richer

2) You will serve your entire community with more authentic presence

3) You will feel more powerful and freer

4) You will be able to offer knowledgeable and supportive guidance to birthing individuals

5) Doula services are enjoying more and more recognition and are in more demand than ever before

6) You will have ongoing professional support as a BWS Doula, including:

     - a private Facebook group for ongoing support and evidence-based information

     - educational opportunities

     - quarterly BWS peer review

7) Access to BWS-only advanced trainings and mentorships

We support our community by offering one full certification scholarship per training. This scholarship includes all Certification Packet and Certification Retreat fees and is available for someone with circumstances that make accessing our doula trainings otherwise impossible. We also offer payment plans and small sliding scales for those with circumstances that would make accessing our trainings difficult. While anyone may apply, to address inequities in our system, we give special consideration to People of Color and LGBTQIA+. To apply, please email for an application.

Upcoming Events

  • Birth With Spirit Doula Certification
    Birth With Spirit Doula Certification
    If Not Now, When?
    Certification Requirements at Your Own Pace
    If Not Now, When?
    Certification Requirements at Your Own Pace
    Join us in our powerful circle and learn how to be a Birth With Spirit Doula, e.g., how to support birthing individuals in the entire physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual process of pregnancy, birth and postpartum.
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