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If Not Now, When?


Certification Requirements at Your Own Pace

Birth With Spirit Doula Certification

Join us in our powerful circle and learn how to be a Birth With Spirit Doula, e.g., how to support birthing individuals in the entire physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual process of pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Birth With Spirit Doula Certification
Birth With Spirit Doula Certification

Time & Location

If Not Now, When?

Certification Requirements at Your Own Pace

About the event

Birth With Spirit Doulas are focused on the *whole* person. They know the sensitive balance of physical/emotional/psychological/spiritual that makes up each person as a truly unique individual. This is especially important to understand in pregnancy, birth and postpartum. 

Birth With Spirit attracts people who already know this to be true, and then emphasizes and hones this truth through highly specific training. Birth With Spirit is rooted in both mountains of evidence and oceans of wisdom. It is the natural outcome of over twenty years of study, practice and teaching, as well as a deep respect for the birth caretakers who have gone before.

If you:

- Love everything about pregnancy, birth and postpartum

- Respect the sanctity of each person making the decisions that are right *for themselves*

- Understand in your bones that birth calls us to bring the very best of every aspect of ourselves

- Honor the power we wield with every word we say and every action we take...

You are a Birth With Spirit Doula.​

Come join us in our community of radical presence, joyful learning and fun!

Certification requirements are self-paced and you have two years to complete all requirements.

Please call or text April at 845-282-0177 with questions or concerns.


  • BWS Certification

    Grants you access to all requirements to become a Certified Birth With Spirit Doula. Your Welcome Email will arrive shortly with all instructions.




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