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The Power of Postpartum Doula Support: 4 Ways to Nurture New Parents Through the Journey

In the realm of maternal well-being, the critical postpartum period holds immense significance for new parents. While doulas have traditionally been associated with labor and delivery, the transformative role of postpartum doulas in supporting families during this phase is garnering well-deserved attention. This article aims to shed light on the profound impact of postpartum doula care, highlighting their instrumental role in nurturing and empowering new parents on their journey of parenthood.

A mother kisses her newborn

1) Empowering Postpartum Transitions: Guiding Families with Expert Support

The invaluable power of postpartum doula support extends beyond the birthing experience itself. These compassionate professionals offer a wealth of knowledge and support to families as they navigate the postpartum period.

In a society that often isolates new parents, having a postpartum doula creates a safe space for open expression of emotions, concerns, and fears, fostering a sense of empathy, reassurance, and non-judgmental listening.

From advice on infant feeding and recovery after childbirth to guidance on soothing techniques and parental adjustment, postpartum doulas provide comprehensive social support. Postpartum doulas are part of your team, and often, become like family during this tender time.

2) Restoring and Revitalizing: Physical Recovery with Professional Care

Recognizing the physical changes experienced by new parents, postpartum doulas play a vital role in promoting postpartum healing. With their expertise in physical recovery techniques, they offer essential guidance to individuals embarking on their healing journey. From practical advice on postpartum healing and pain management to self-care practices that enhance well-being, postpartum doulas empower new parents to prioritize their physical recovery and overall wellness.

"Blanket recommendations about how to postpartum the 'correct' way could be useful, however, we prefer an individualized approach to postpartum care, which postpartum doulas are equipped and trained to offer."

They can assess your unique circumstances, including the current level of support you have from friends and family, how the birth went, potential challenges your baby may be having with sleep or feeding, and they are able to help you create an individualized postpartum plan to fit the needs of your family. Postpartum Doulas have access to many other professionals that may be of assistance, such as pelvic floor therapists (our favorite can be found right at The Well: See Dr. Erin at Breakthrough Physical Therapy and tell her we sent you!) They can make referrals and help you get connected to the healing practitioners that you may need.

a mother breastfeeds her newborn

3) Holistic Infant Care: Supporting the Growth and Development of Newborns

Postpartum doulas extend their expertise beyond the well-being of the mother, actively supporting the entire family unit. Equipped with knowledge in breastfeeding support, they assist with vital aspects such as latching techniques, positioning, and troubleshooting common breastfeeding challenges. Moreover, they provide invaluable guidance on newborn care, including bathing, diapering, and establishing healthy sleep routines. There are so many influencers on social media sharing the 'exact way to do xyz." Birth With Spirit's approach is different. We believe there are many ways to parent, as well as birth, different ways to nourish yourselves and your babies, and on and on.However, one of our guiding principles is to share evidence-based information with clients. We believe informed decision-making is vital.

By sharing evidence-based information on infant care and postpartum recovery, postpartum doulas empower families to confidently care for their little ones, even in the doula's absence. Should additional assistance be required, postpartum doulas readily tap into their extensive network of support groups, lactation consultants, and other professionals specializing in postpartum care. BWS Doula Agency is fortunate to have many of these professionals on our team, just a text or call away!

A Pro Tip: Book a lactation consultation while you're still pregnant. It is very common for new moms and birthing parents to need some extra lactation support and often, the best lactation consultants are booked weeks out. Why wait? Go ahead and schedule a consultation for the week after your baby is born!

Additionally, clients that hire BWS Agency doulas for their birth have special access to reduced rates and first dibs on birth and breastfeeding classes taught by April and Dr. Jodi, whom have a combined two decades of teaching as professors at the collegiate level.

4) A Well of Support:

Fostering Emotional Resilience and Community

Beyond practical guidance, postpartum doulas recognize the significance of emotional support for new parents. By offering a non-judgmental space, they provide parents with the opportunity to voice their feelings, concerns, and fears. This compassionate listening and empathetic presence not only alleviates emotional burdens but also bolsters parental confidence. As parents embark on their new parenting journey, postpartum doulas encourage them to trust their instincts, make informed decisions, and advocate for their individual needs and preferences. BWS Doula Agency and The Well: A Center for Women's Wellness seek to not only hold space emotionally for new parents, but we also offer community through physical gathering spaces for new parents to come learn and grow together. We would love to have you stop by for Fresh Mamas or another of our other offerings to new parents.

Don't Skip Out on Getting Access to the Power of Postpartum Doula Support!

In the realm of postpartum care, postpartum doulas play an integral role in nurturing and empowering new parents. Their comprehensive support encompasses physical recovery, infant care, emotional well-being, and community engagement. By recognizing and embracing the significance and power of postpartum doula support, we can ensure that every family receives the guidance, understanding, and empowerment they need as they embark on the transformative journey of parenthood. You deserve it. We all do. Together.

BWS Doula Agency provides postpartum comprehensive doula support in Greater Dayton and Greater Cincinnati. Get connected with one of our postpartum doulas by visiting

Co-Authored by:

April Kline & Dr. Jodi Cunningham

BWS Doula Agency Co-Owners

April Kline & Jodi Cunningham at The Well

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