We are excited to have you join us in one of our powerful Retreat circles!


Retreats will be scheduled remotely and in-person in the early fall and dates will be shared in the private BWS Facebook group which you will be added to once you register.


If there is not a retreat near you, you can attend for free when you organize a retreat in your area!
Contact April HERE for more information.

Topics Covered In Our Birth With Spirit Retreats

  • Why storytelling is supremely important

  • How to practice whole person (Quantum) listening

  • How to nurture the spirit by listening to others

  • How to nurture the spirit by listening to ourselves

  • What is a doula?

  • What makes a Birth With Spirit Doula different

  • Evidence-based information

  • Strategies for working with different types of clients

  • How to provide unconditional support

  • How to provide the most opportunity for empowerment

  • How to have clean, clear boundaries without triggers

  • How to be grounded

  • How to avoid burnout

  • How to practice excellent self-care

  • What is Quantum Care?

  • Scope of Practice and Ethics

  • Quantum prenatal care

  • The Birth Plan

  • Belly mapping

  • Optimal fetal positioning

  • Quantum stages of labor and birth

  • April’s Cycle of Three

  • The impact of birthing practices on breastfeeding

  • Quantum postnatal and postpartum care

  • Culturally conscious care

  • How to work with clients from specific communities and cultures

  • How to practice cultural humility

  • Conscious communication

  • How to practice true informed consent

  • Body language, facial expression and how to avoid subtle coercion

  • How to work with generational resonance and trauma in one’s self and with others

  • Enriching practices for prenatal, labor, birth, postnatal and postpartum care

  • How to provide radical presence

  • Common traps of providing doula care and how to avoid them

  • The business of providing support throughout the childbearing year

  • Taxes, record keeping, marketing, and all that other good stuff

  • Confidentiality, social media, etc.

  • Building a supportive community